Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Conversation Not Going Well?

Over the past two years I have taught several science & religion classes at Stonehill College, participated heavily in the Science in Congregations project, in addition to writing and speaking broadly about the intersection of science and religion. Two things stand out: First, the science-and-religion conversation remains incredibly important. Daily we read stories about "The God Particle," "The God Module in our brains," "The End Times," "Playing God with Genetics," "Death Panels," "The Death of Traditional Marriage," and other topics where the advance of science appears to overrun the tradition terrain of values.

Secondly, this conversation is not going well. Religious belief is often dangerously opposed to mainstream scientific ideas like  Evolution, the Big Bang, Climate Change, and even the vaccination of children.  

There is much to do.

Guest Post: Karl Giberson, PhD

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